Thursday, February 28, 2013


With a classmate and her friend at Northwestern Law's Barrister's Ball ("Law Prom") last Saturday. Managed to achieve my goal of fitting into my old made-to-measure Thick As Thieves suit.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Law school gets busy even for me sometimes. Among other things, I'm working on a roughly 35 page economics paper about adapting current microlending models into a self-sustaining for-profit model for fostering collectivism in the developing world.

Moodstring: Though I did manage to get a working alpha version of the it up, I took the site down because I decided that I just don't have the time or knowledge to program it by myself in a reasonable time frame. I'm looking for a web developer to partner up with, or for funding I can use to hire a developer. I've been working on meeting the right people in Chicago, and making people sign non-disclosure agreements I've written before I pitch Moodstring to them. I'll try to keep working on my knowledge of Ruby on Rails in the meantime.

Webcomic: That should be up fairly soon. I've been figuring out WordPress still, and by "figuring out" I mean hacking the HTML and CSS and PHP to death until the stupid website lets me script things how I want. I'm surprised that it was actually easier for me to strip and rescript a tumblr ( than this WordPress site. But this was the better move to make for a webcomic. I'm using ComicPress.