Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A More Serious Follow-Up To The Post Right Before This One About SEIZESEPUEDE.COM

So many previously successful web entrepreneurs make websites that are supposed to effect "change", sites like Jumo and TechnoServe. But these sites are just modernized charities and aren't actual solutions; they perpetuate. Reading about them depresses me sometimes. Charity certainly helps people and I'd rather have it than nothing, but reading article after article about how the internet is changing the world for the better bums me out. It's not changing the world for the better. The world is the same and it's not changing.

That's why I thought might be a neat idea. A website that actually changes things. An internet revolution that is actually revolution and isn't just the polishing of a turd. That's what the internet does at best right now; it polishes our big Earth turd. Having a sleek turd is nice, but it's still pretty gross if you ask me!

Also I just bought because it sounds like it might be a thing.

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