Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The First Semester Of Law School Is Like Building A Boat When You Don't Know What A Boat Looks Like

In my "Pie King" post I gave an extended version of this analogy. I told it to a friend/classmate when we were cramming for finals last semester and apparently he used the analogy at an interview and they liked it!

An excerpt from our conversation:

5:26 PM J: do you remember when you told me that law school was like building a boat when you don't know what a boat looks like?
5:27 PM me: yeah
5:28 PM J: I used that in an interview and one of the clerks really liked it, I'll be sure to give you partial credit if I get it
  he referenced it 2 or 3 times during the interview, it was kinda funny
 me: gotcha, cool
  haha nice
5:29 PM J: they were like " so what did you think of your first semester?" and wham, I dropped the boat on them
5:30 PM me: damn straight