Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Do You Care So Much That A Westboro Baptist Church Member Wore A Glee Shirt?

HAHAHA! Check out this BuzzFeed post where the Westboro Baptist Church is given way more attention and legitimacy than it deserves in order to make people feel good. One of them wore a GLEE shirt!! Ha! Moron! 

There are like ten people in the Westboro Baptist Church, and they're obviously insane. Who cares that one of them did something mildly comical? You're just setting up pointless straw men.

The Westboro Baptist Church is kept in the news because:

1) They're about as uncontroversial as a "political" story can get. Even CNN could blast them and not get called out for being liberal by Overton Window--shopping conservatives.

2) They give a wide range of people feel-good anger. Any idiot can be really angry at the Westboro Baptist Church and feel good because of it.

Look at the smug kid in that picture, for example. He's putting all this effort into demonstrating his disgust for the lone protestor who made it out there, a guy who is completely unfazed by this kid's efforts and is actually likely encouraged by it because he's getting a strong reaction just for showing up by himself with these colorful signs.

The Westboro Baptist Church is tiny. Covering it so widely legitimizes it more than it deserves and keeps people from having to focus on groups whose positions are more nuanced or who have more mainstream support. It's very easy to blast a group that almost everybody hates, just as it's easy to praise a billionaire for donating a portion of his wealth to disease research and non-controversial charities.