Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ten Best Google Search Queries That Have Led People to

Santorum 2012 is my food blog with pictures of recipes that look like santorum, the slang word that Republican presidential candidate and former Senator Rick Santorum's name has become. People have been finding the site through all kinds of queries with Google. Here are some of the best:

10. 'santorum chomsky'

9. 'obama butt'
Is this a viable ticket? Should I buy OBAMABUTT.COM?

8. 'santorum 2012', 'santorum', 'rick santorum for president official website', etc.
There are several dozen different terms entered by people who clearly just wanted to learn about Rick Santorum or find his campaign website. 'Santorum 2012', for which we're the first result, is the most popular term of all for finding the site. 'Santorum' is the second most popular. Catching these people is what I purport to be the primary intention of the site.

7. 'sanattorum 2012', 'santorium tube', 'sanotrum 2012', 'sanrotum 2012', 'sataorum 2012', etc.
There are countless misspellings of his name, of which I only listed a few.

6. 'santorum for president 2010'

5. 'what is santorum and what does it look like', 'santorum in the butt', 'literal picture of santorum', 'crusty santorum', etc.
There are many different queries from curious people who want to learn more about the slang word.

4. 'crack and mcdonalds mcflurry spoons'

3, 'i am dripping with santorum'

2. 'mc flurry 2012'

1. 'celebration deserts'