Friday, December 2, 2011

Law School Update: Premier Legal Blog Names Me Northwestern Law Pie King; Also Exams and Gingrich 2012

My pie contest trophy next to my much bigger, sexier wiener trophy.

Above the Law, the internet's main law and law school culture blog (pretty much the legal version of Gawker, with the more modest, but still impressive, traffic numbers of blogs like Wonkette and The Awl) wrote an article about all of the drama that came out of my tortuous victory at Northwestern Law's first annual pie eating contest:

But as you see, in the end I came out the Pie King. The article got many things wrong, including the order of the emails. And the really mean girl who claimed I cheated was lying about almost everything, so don't believe her. I wasn't upset; that contest was great. And she wasn't handed the trophy; she grabbed it while they were declaring me the winner and awkwardly scuttled off to her backpack with it hoping nobody would notice. Then I walked up to her after somebody pointed it out and I explained to her what had happened and why I didn't cheat, and she seemed to understand and gave it back to me. The judges later emailed me thanking me for my nice email trying to clear things up, and said that they emailed that girl asking her to apologize to the law school listserv.

Unfortunately nobody from my section (the group of students I have every single class with who chose me to represent them in the contest) was there because a professor scheduled an exam review for that time period. Imagine how the contest would have gone if they had been there to back me up.

But when I walked into the exam review covered in pie and holding that trophy, it was awesome and everybody cheered and the professor was confused.


2/7/2012 update:

When people ask me how law school is going, I usually tell them I'll know in January or February. Between getting ready to apply for summer jobs on December 1st and taking strictly curved exams that count for 100% of our semester grades and are unlike any we've ever taken before, the first semester of law school is like building a boat when you've never seen a boat before and only have a podcast describing what it looks like and how to build it to go by. Even if I do everything everybody says (which isn't possible because everybody gives conflicting advice) and I feel like I did it right, I can't be sure I'm not going to sink at the exam.

Fortunately it's free and I'm not very worried.

(2/7/2012 update on my analogy here.)

Other new stuff:

And I'll have a new entry on Santorum 2012 soon (it's not even close to too late to send in your own submission and win $100), kicking off the official start of our Pro-Santorum PAC, FudgePAC.

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