Monday, December 5, 2011 Starting to Go Viral: Featured on Two Popular Gay Blogs; Also the Facebook "Like" Count Would Have Been Much Higher than It Says if Blogger and I Didn't Suck

Gingrich 2012's traffic has increased by about 5000% after being featured on a couple popular gay blogs: Towleroad and Joe. My. God. I wish I had known that Blogger's built-in social network buttons were so weak. I missed out on a lot of Facebook likes because the only option was to share. I also never should have had the buttons apply to the post rather than the main domain. Switched to IddThis.

The site also has almost 4000 views so far on BuzzFeed.

Update: No, AddThis didn't work properly on Gingrich 2012. Need to find something else.

Update 2: All right, I realized I could just use the official buttons from Facebook and Twitter. I'm a little sad about the missed likes and tweets. If the option had been to like the site instead of sharing it, the numbers showing up now would be different, and also more people might have liked it. That's the problem with having a website suddenly get popular. I realize something's wrong with the site and I missed out on traffic or exposure, and I have to count it as a lesson for next time.

And my Civil Procedure exam today went fine, thanks for asking.

Update 3: Hmm, if I make the Facebook widget use the URL of the blog post itself, it shows 34 likes, but if I use it for the basic URL (, it has over 60. I wish I could combine them together. Where were people going anyway that they were liking the basic URL address on Facebook? Oh well, I learned a lot about the nuances of promoting your one-trick Blogger site on social media today.

Final Update: But now it doesn't really matter anymore because it's at 235 likes.