Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Virtu and Fortuño

Luis Fortuño? Why not? The Republicanish governor of Puerto Rico seems like a good VP choice to spice up an underdog GOP candidacy. Not only is he Latino, but he looks as though he's even mestizo.

Republican politicians are pretty Machiavellian, and Machiavelli wrote that success comes from a combination of virtu and fortuna. Clearly all of the major Republican candidates already have virtue covered, so maybe somebody like Michele Bachmann will see Fortuño's name, and once someone reminds her that Puerto Rico is part of the United States she'll see it as a sign.

Between having the first female or Mormon major party presidential nominee and the first (that I know of) Latino and mestizo vice presidential nominee, the Republicans may be able to grab enough moderate Mormon/female and Latino voters to win.

So of course I bought these domains today: