Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Can't Stop Squatting Domains

It looks like I've actually decided that Michelle Bachmann is a legitimate contender. I've met her a couple times and she is really pretty in person, arguably prettier than all but one of the other candidates (Romney). I also hate how people feel compelled to group her with Sarah Palin.

It reminds me of how people now always associate Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with one another even though Jesse Jackson is an accomplished, intelligent, admirable man while Al Sharpton is generally a piece of shit. I'm not saying Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin aren't both evil demagogues, however.

With Obama widely seen as a particularly tough incumbent and the field so weak, I could see Bachmann being the Republicans' McGovern this cycle. And there are plenty of ticket-bottom contenders whom I could see turning out to be Eagletons. I still don't think her chances are good though.

These domains are all pretty unlikely, but they're only $7--8 each! If I didn't take this opportunity and one of them turned out to be right I'd get horrible regret diarrhea. 


Clearly I still think Bush running on either side of the ticket is a possibility.
I think now that Bayh has taken a lobbying job, it's even less likely that he'll be chosen as a VP candidate, but I could still see it happening. He's handsome and a scumbag.

Thune and Huntsman are also handsome. Pleasing-to-the-eyeness is an important consideration when choosing a VP candidate. If a candidate can speak with his face, he doesn't need to try so hard with his mouth, which means he's less likely to fuck his ticket up.

Jeb Bush as a vice presidential candidate makes a lot of sense to me. As a presidential candidate you have to worry about Bush fatigue, but as a VP candidate it might be different.

I think Daniels isn't unlikely as a VP choice. By then his family might feel differently, plus it's only a few months of campaigning instead of over a year. And getting offered a VP slot is such a sweet deal. It's like somebody handing over a primary victory to you in the governor's race in Florida without your having to do anything.

The "X-2012.COM" domains are so that I can make fun of these candidates as I do with Santorum 2012.

Surprisingly, though BACHMANNROMNEY.COM and other decent ones were available, others like BACHMANNCAIN.COM and BACHMANNTHUNE.COM were taken.

6/15/11 update:
Bought RYANROMNEY.COM just in case. Surprisingly, that was the only good or even okay RYAN_____.COM domain available. No RYANPAWLENTY, RYANBACHMANN, RYANCAIN, RYANPERRY, RYANBUSH, etc.

6/20/11: BACHMANNRUBIO.COM, why not?