Monday, April 25, 2011

Litmus Test for Your Kids

Use this when your kid is about 12 to determine if he's worth the cost of private school or if you should just give up on him because he's a little shit:

A future liberal reads a headline about how CEOs make 400 times what their workers make and says something like, "Wow, nobody deserves to make 400 times a normal worker. He doesn't work 400 times as hard and he isn't 400 times as smart so that's pretty unjust."

A future conservative reads it and says, "Shit, I need to become a CEO."

If somebody says both, he's still a liberal because a real opponent of unrestrained capitalism understands how important money is in a capitalist society and how fucked non-rich people in the United States are compared to those in every other developed nation.

New update on Santorum 2012 and I'm pretty proud of this one so check it out. Might not be completely work safe though. Also good news: When you search for "Santorum 2012" on Google, my site shows up on the second page now. That's pretty good for about a month. Let's see how soon we can get it on the first page.

Sorry for the lack of updates, as if you care. I've been pretty busy moving and emptying and crushing and creating and filling and labeling boxes at my new science company.
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