Thursday, April 28, 2011

Intention of the Framers

From the Washington Post:

Said Farah of WorldNetDaily: “I think we should do due diligence there and examine it before we jump to conclusions that, because a government official handed something out, it is legit.”

He said that even if the document is real, it raises questions about Obama’s eligibility to be president. Farah contended that, because Obama’s father was from Africa, the president might have had “dual citizenship” and therefore might not meet the definition of a “natural-born” citizen, the eligibility requirement in the Constitution. He suggested that it is necessary to revisit the intentions of the Framers.

The intention of the framers is: "No negro presidents!" Also where are their credentials? Why are these framers so trusted? Half of their signatures are probably forged; I've seen no photographs of the event. Why does some rich, unqualified asshole from 200 years ago need to be pulled back from Hell to tell us what to do about net neutrality? Every CPAC or conservative rally I go to has at least one guy dressed up as a founding father/framer guy. I never see other people dressed up as their slaves hanging out there with them though for some reason.

And the dual citizenship argument is complete bullshit. Even if the birther idea were true, you can still be a natural-born US citizen even if you're born outside of the United States.