Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Make an Appearance in a Tim Pawlenty Tea Party Ad

I appear in this inspiring ad at 0:27, looking goofy-faced in a suit as Tim Pawlenty snubs me.

Kudos to me for standing next to the one black guy at CPAC 2011 who wanted to meet Tim Pawlenty. The video also shows me taking a picture of them together with the fan's camera before getting snubbed again.

It wasn't my fault though, the other autographers had already pissed him off. He was a lot friendlier to me last time I did this. It's cute that that moment ended up in this patriotic epic music Tea Party ad. Thank you to my friend Ian for finding this.

About to meet Tim Pawlenty!
Gugh I'm being snubbed!

Weird screen capture of a flash in my face.
Yeah sure I'll take a picture for you.

Yeah that's right, I'm the new face of hard-working, angry America so watch out Barack H. O. Bama!