Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The time I got a congressman to give Bill Clinton a bunch of my stuff to get signed, was more or less featured on the front page of the Staten Island Advance, and briefly met the former president

Former President Bill Clinton came to my alma mater Wagner College to campaign for Staten Island's freshman Democratic congressman Mike McMahon. I'm an autograph dealer so I made sure to be first in line for the event.
Photo I took of Clinton with McMahon in the background
I got six large photo prints and a book signed. The larger three of those were signed because I enlisted a nurse friend of mine to help me. Here is the cool part of the story though: While Clinton asked what my name was and signed my book for me, he ignored my three photo prints. My nurse friend managed to give her three prints to an aide for Clinton to sign later, but I was unsuccessful. As Clinton and his entourage were moving away from me, I thought I had failed to get my three photos signed.

But then Mike McMahon, possibly Staten Island's most awesome congressman ever, came over to me and took my photos to give to the president to sign later. I felt pretty cool getting a congressman to take a bunch of my stuff to get signed by a president so I could sell it on eBay later. This was the third time I've met McMahon and he's been gracious and friendly every time. His staff was friendly too before and after the event. I really hope he gets reelected and I wish I could vote for him.

I also made the news!
The front page of the Staten Island Advance

There's Clinton signing my book. I got it signed to my dad as a birthday present. I'm the "supporter, one of the 1,600 people who attended the event" mentioned in the caption! I wonder how they knew I was a supporter and not just some autograph-dealing scumbag.

Here's the photo print that he ignored at first in the understandable interest of expediency, but later signed behind some curtains: 

Inspiring! I need to drape a giant American flag on one of my walls so I look patriotic more of the time.

August 2012 update: So far I've sold four of the six photgraphs for an average of about $500 each.