Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sort of featured on Shilling Me Softly

Shilling Me Softly, a blog dedicated to making people realize how absolutely horrible and destructive an idea law school is, displayed a Gawker comment of mine. I'm a "featured commenter" on Gawker, which is nice. I'm working on getting that status on Gizmodo because a lot more people read the articles on Gizmodo and I like the stuff they write about.

Shilling Me Softly made a post about an out-of-touch Gawker article about public interest law. Gawker often shows a lack of understanding of the legal world in their articles about quirky legal stories, which is understandable because it's not something that a layperson should be expected to be interested in. SMS showed some of the responses to the article that they found interesting, including one of mine. Here is what they wrote followed by my reprinted comment:

"Jeremy Peter Green" explodes the misconception that procuring a public interest job has always been a cakewalk:
You're just fueling the myth that public interest jobs are relatively easy to get. Public interest jobs are very hard to get! And environmental, civil rights, constitutional, and international law jobs are virtually non-existent in the sense that new law students mean. One of the reasons so many people are going to law school and ending up jobless and in gigantic debt is because they think they can get some 60k job helping people that nobody else wants because of the low pay. Completely wrong.