Monday, November 23, 2015

2016 Political Domain Squatting Update

Domains I've sold so far this year: -- $1500; -- $1500 (sold to Florida orthodontist and conservative activist Larry Kawa).

I still have many great political domains left, including,,,, and on the Dem side;,,, and on the GOP side, and many others on both sides. Buy them!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

(Updated 5/25/15) RT Journalist Abby Martin Brings Attention To My Tourettic Sign At A Freddie Gray Rally

Former RT America host Abby Martin, now of Media Roots, took a picture of me with my sign at a rally for Freddie Gray in DC. The only person of color in the foreground of the picture is my friend Abishek.

I wrote the word "FUCK" on a big piece of paper because it expressed how I felt about the death of Freddie Gray. I'm white and I'm aware that I benefit tremendously from the problems we were protesting, so I feel guilty for grabbing so much attention at a rally that I was supposed to be supporting, not coopting.

As a person who suffers from Tourette syndrome, however, there might be nothing more cathartic than broadcasting the word "FUCK" to tens of thousands of people. I'm not being facetious about this. Most of my tics are physically painful and unsatisfying, but the words are a little better. Phrases like "fuck" and "I'm gay" are some of my least unpleasant tics, even when I'm just sending them to friends of mine in text messages. (Edit: This is called coprographia.)

I also figured that the risk of it getting media attention was low because conventional news media would have trouble publishing it, and it's true that it didn't make it into any actual publications, as far as I know. One thing I want to avoid more than almost anything when I go to DC Ferguson actions is being prominently featured in a photograph in a major publication and becoming a symbol of narcissistic white yuppies going to Black Lives Matter protests and treating them like pep rallies.

Regardless, I don't think I'll make any more signs when I go to DC Ferguson rallies in the future.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Offensive AIDS Joke Made By Bill Maher That Nobody Knows About

A lot of people on the left hate Bill Maher these days for things he's said. Still, this particularly off-color joke he made back in 1993 near the beginning of the very first episode of his old show Politically Incorrect--with Jerry Seinfeld among that episode's guests--seems relevant to Trevor Noah's recent scandal and the conversation people are having about political correctness and public shamings in reaction to tasteless and offensive jokes.

Here is the relevant text from the transcription of his monologue (emphasis mine):

"Mankind has a long history of branding evildoers, starting with God marking Cain after the death of Abel, right through to Colonial New England, where they slapped a scarlet letter on your chest if you were guilty of illicit sex. Of course, nowadays if you have dangerous sex, they put on AIDS ribbon on your chest and you get to go to the Oscars."

I know this was 1993, when most people in the United States were first starting to learn about HIV/AIDS, but even back then this was not an acceptable thing for a left-leaning celebrity to say. HIV/AIDS shaming like this--whether done in 1993 or 2015--is fallacious victim blaming that also has obvious homophobic, racist, and sexist connotations. And in the video clip, most of the audience seems to be taken aback.

I've found nothing on the internet referencing the joke. If he had said this in more recent years on Real Time--particularly in the pilot episode--or in a tweet, many people would have written think-pieces about it in online publications like Salon and Mother Jones. Here's the clip, with the monologue starting at 2:57:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

NPR Podcast "TLDR" Interviews Me About My Political Cyber-Squatting

TLDR, On The Media's entertaining, internet-focused podcast series, interviewed me about my political cybersquatting. I start talking around 1:28 and my part lasts about two minutes. We talk about my Santorum food blog as well, which was the #1 Google result for "Santorum 2012" for most of the 2012 primary season.

Here's the full list of Clinton domain names I own. Besides those, I own around 165 other 2016-related political domain names:


Email me at if you want to buy any (or all) of my domains. It's pretty early in the cycle, things are uncertain, and I don't have much money, so I'm willing to sell them fairly cheap.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Scanning, Editing, and Coloring a Hand-Drawn Webcomic

First, if you care about whether the gag is spoiled, look at the full cartoon before you read this post.

A lot went into making this cartoon. That's mostly because I'm just not a good comics artist yet. I started teaching myself almost exactly three years ago during law school, sitting down and practicing about once a month since then. If you look at the crap I was drawing then, you'll see that I've come a long way for somebody with such a terrible work ethic.

As I get better, I'll start drawing full pages and scanning them in, rather doing the different parts of the cartoons piecemeal, spread out onto several pages, the way I have with most of the cartoons I've posted. 

However, I still believe this walkthrough of my editing process will be helpful to cartoonists interested in digitally coloring and editing their hand-drawn webcomics.

Scanned linework of a plane before editing it into the final cartoon. Tools used include the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Pigma Micron 03 and 05 markers.

This most recent F-The-Cat post involved maybe eight to ten scanned pages for what amounted to a page-long gag cartoon. Everything was arranged and colored afterward in Photoshop.

A scanned page with an early version of Rick the baseball player, floating miserably in the upper left corner.

While hopefully I won't be tweaking my cartoons so much on my computer as I get better, I'll still be scanning them in black-and-white mode (rather than grayscale or color) and then coloring them in Photoshop, like most people who hand-draw their webcomics.

This involves a lot of layers.

As shown above, even though most of the foreground objects in this cartoon were black-and-white, I still had to use the magic wand tool to get rid of all the non-black parts of the cartoon scans, and then color everything in using a "coloring" layer below the ink drawing.

Additionally, if any of my line-work didn't scan perfectly, or was weakened by erasing before I scanned it, I'll fill that in with black as well:

Shown above: Glaring white speck in Rick's hat.

The single biggest change I made to the cartoon, however, was removing the other baseball player. That's right, there was a second baseball player in the cartoon, telling Rick he should lay off the steroids. Ultimately I decided it would be better for a reporter to ask about steroids, which makes Rick's defensive reaction more realistic.

That other baseball player was cool with his cigarette and all, but I had to cut him from the team in order to make my "Not Another Baseball Metaphor" strip a home run.

For this cartoon, I decided to keep the foreground almost completely black-and-white and have the colors be behind the characters. The color blobs in the background were all painted with the brush tool on layers that are beneath the foreground layers.

One thing you may not have noticed is the lack of pure black in most of the foreground objects. To make the linework and blackspace of the drawings go better with the colored backgrounds, I made duplicates of the line-work layers, colored each foreground figure a shade of purple that I felt looked good with its corresponding background color, and then set the opacity of these colored duplicate layers to about 30%, in order to give the linework and blackspace a subtle purple tinge. I did not make copies of the whitespace, which I left pure white.

As far as I can remember, I didn't apply any special properties to the layers like "multiply," so you don't have to worry about that.

Oh God, the lettering. I wrote most of the words out by hand several times and then painstakingly Frankensteined everything together in Photoshop. Again, as I get better at lettering--using an Ames Lettering Guide the way professional comics letterers do--I'll actually draw the words on the same pages as the corresponding pictures, and scan everything together, rather than having to combine everything later.

I'm not going to get into what specific tools or what kind of paper I use before I scan things here, as those things require their own posts. Hopefully this post was helpful to some people. Stay tuned to Feldman the Cat as my work habits improve and I start churning out comics at a regular rate.

Follow me on Twitter or email me if you have any questions.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DC's Insider Newspaper Wrote A Piece About Me And My Political Domain Squatting

Judy Kurtz of The Hill wrote a piece about me, in her column called "In The Know," that talks about my political domain squatting activities for a while, mentioning a few other things about me as well. The Hill is DC's "insider" newspaper and it focuses on federal political news. She interviewed me on the phone first and she was very nice. I'm glad I don't look like a total piece of shit in the piece. She also later went on DC's Fox affiliate and talked about my domain squatting for a few minutes on the local version of Good Morning America.

Here's are some excerpts from the piece:

"Jeremy Peter Green shelled out thousands of dollars to amass his collection of 180 domain names. The 26-year-old recent law school graduate says proudly, "As far as I know, I have a better 2016 collection than anyone else out there."

. . .

The Maryland native started focusing on 2016 well before the previous presidential showdown was decided, buying up domains shortly after finishing college in 2010. The domain name guessing game seemed like a natural fit for the self-professed political junkie, who worked as an autograph dealer in college to earn extra spending money.

. . .

Green, who works at a labor law firm, says he knows not everyone approves of his domain name buying spree.

. . .

Green says he has a game plan if his domain names prove to be a tough sell: “I will use them. I’ll make fun of the politicians if I’m unable to sell them.” That’s what Green, a Democrat, did in 2012, turning a domain name based on Rick Santorum into a blog poking fun of the former GOP presidential candidate. "

One funny result of this piece is that I got former Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño's name in the conversation; he hasn't been talked about much. I imagine a staffer of his getting a Google News alert about the piece and thinking "Who the fuck is this Jeremy Peter Green guy?" Maybe some DC insiders will read this piece and the buzz for his name will grow, as it should.

You should really read it yourself though; I was surprised by how much of it ended up being about me. A lot of my former law school classmates got a kick out of it.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Live In DC Now, Again

I'm back. I live near the NoMa stop on the Red Line in a basement with Matt Bruenig. I'm working at a law firm despite what I said about law firms in my last post. This law firm works for labor unions against bigger, uglier law firms. The firm is aware of my interest in possibly leaving the legal field and they're okay with it.

More updates on Skinny Squares soon. Wait, I haven't said anything about Skinny Squares yet. I will soon though, once they're being manufactured and everything!

More cartoons soon and more writing. Still making music, still haven't started singing over it yet.

Here's me on the right with my best friend Andrew at H Street Festival, wearing somebody else's sunglasses: